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Green German Shorthaired Pointers,Quality Black, Liver, White, From German Imports, Field & Confermation tested at 9 weeks old, Started Gundogs,& Finished Dogs. PH 208-562-7373 ask for Leo.

Quality Bred German Shorthaired Pointer Puppies

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Photo Black & Liver German Shorthair Puppies @ 8 weeks old

What you get, at 8 weeks old, pups are pointing, retrieving game, have been shot over & in the field, will sit and wait for food. A $250. deposit will get your name on a list. see German shorthaired pointer pups and parents below.

We will have 2 months of testing and grading before shipping to their new homes.

"Please read"

We cut the tails at 2-3 days of age.  Stressing the pups starts at 5 days of age,  this will condition them for training and eliminate fear biters. At 3 weeks their Eyes are open and starting to eat mush made from Mothers food. At 4 weeks they will learn to retrieve in a controlled area. A hunting Dog must not have fears of game, to test this the best time is between the age of 6 - 7 weeks, where each pup will be placed in a 5' diameter pen with a live Quail or Pigeon to test their prey drive, if they run from it, they will be Spayed or Neutered, if they chase and grab it they will be hunting quality, if they pick it up and hold it even with the birds wings flapping in its face and they are trying to retrieving it, it will be one of the picks, also at this time each pup is placed on a table where we check its bone structure to see that all bones are in the right place, its angaulation is graded from nose to tail, the pups that scores highest in confirmation and is highest in field, it will be one with a score of over 500 points. At 7 weeks we are taking them for walks in the field and shooting a blank pistol over them to check for any gun sigh or gun sensitive pups, they will also learn to watch where we are going and they will soon learn to stay with us and search for game and have love for the field.

They will be  exposed to water(weather permitting) and most will be swimming. They will excel in Nose, Water, Tracking, pointing, retrieving, be good with kids, other dogs, and will make excellent companions.  

Note: Pricing is due to change without notice.

Liver & White puppies: $1500.00

Black & White puppies: $1700.00

 "How to purchase your puppy"     

A $250.00 non refundable deposit will get your name on the list. Be sure to state what you want, I.E. Male, Female, Hunting quality, Breeding quality, Pet quality, Liver and White Or Black and White.

Method of payment, Personal checks excepted only when making a deposit as there is plenty time to clear your bank, Money order, otherwise wire transfer, Pay Pal, Bank check, fastest way is Fed-Ex

Mail to:   No-Mars Kennels Inc. 11490 Bass Lane, Caldwell ID, 83605.

Questions Please call 208-562-7373 ask for Leo,

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 After you receive your puppy you will have 5-7 days to have your Vet check it. If the pup is not in good health it must be returned to us within the 7 days after receiving it, if returned we will replace with equal or better quality.

 We also guarantee to replace the dog with a dog of equal or better quality if any genetic defects show up which may adversely affect the dogs ability to perform in the field develop before the age of three years.

Do you know how to tell if a German Shorthair is Black or Liver? Look at it's nose if it is Black then the dog is Black, if it is Brown or liver color than it is Liver.

Granddaughter Rebecca,



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